donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Michael Paraskos: Reviving the Corpse of Art

Op 8 november komt Micheal Paraskos (Londen) naar Groningen om lezing te geven, over wat in zijn opinie de staat van de kunst op dit moment is. Hij is er niet mild over, eigenlijk kunnen we wel zegen vernietigend. Maar gelukkig komt hij ook met alternatieven.
De titel van de lezing -die al boekdelen spreekt- is: 'Reviving the Corpse of Art'

Michael Paraskos has been described by Dr Penelope Curtis, Director of Tate Britain, as too dangerous for the art world. She is right. In this talk Paraskos presents a scathing attack on a mainstream art world where collectors, critics and gallery curators have turned art into nothing more than the plaything of corrupt bankers. But artists have not been innocent in this corruption, he suggests, as many of the most well known artists today are as immoral as the wealthy oligarchs who buy their wares. This is exacerbated by an art education system that seems to have withdrawn from teaching art practice in favour of a particularly nihilistic concept of art. As a result, he claims, the essential material nature art object is diminished, while the art theory used to justify this nihilism grows ever larger. According to Paraskos we live in an age when art is dead, and it will take an almost superhuman effort to reanimate its corpse. But we can do this, and drawing on radical anarchist theories of art, Paraskos offers a plan to do so. 

Ik kijk er in ieder geval naar uit, ik ben benieuwd wat hij te zeggen heeft. Ik denk dat er mooie discussies van gaan komen.
Je kunt je nog aanmelden! Via toegang: 2.50 euro, studenten gratis.

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